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Bounty Hunters No_Prep Grudge Nationals LIVE From San Antonio

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Interior Protection and Comfort In Any Season With Covercraft

Winter may be behind us, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be thinking about interior protection, and staying comfortable. We take a look at a few Covercraft products for interior use year round.Read More


AutoMeter Debuts Late Model Ford 16-158 Ohm Fuel Level Gauges

New from AutoMeter – 16-158 ohm fuel level gauges for late model Fords. These units are plug and play right out of the box, and read fuel levels more accurately thanks to extra dampening on air-core meter movementRead More


Video: Choosing The Right Holley EFI System For Street Or Strip

Whether you're looking to convert to EFI for the street, or for the track, there's a Holley EFI system that can support both street and race engines. The deciding factor, is how much tuning you want to do.Read More


Video: Time Is Running Out To Win The BlackHeart Mustang GT

Hooker headers is giving away a new Mustang GT along with several bolt-on parts already installed for your enjoyment, like its BlackHeart exhaust. Time is running out to enter to win, so what are you waiting for.Read More


Video: Manny’s Mustang EcoBoost Has Plenty of Show and Go

The Mustang EcoBoost continues to have a strong following with fans and the aftermarket. Manny's 2015 EcoBoost is a prime example of what's possible with some bolt-ons, creativity, and help from AmericanMuscle.Read More


Jack Roush Jr’s Grand Am and PWC Mustang Boss 302S Is Up For Grabs

If you're looking for an extremely well sorted (and funded) used race car, look no further than this Jack Roush-tuned and tweaked Mustang Boss 302S, which has Grand Am and PWC success under its belt.Read More


Product Review: Covercrafts’ Custom-Fit, Indoor Fleeced Satin Cover

If you store your car for long periods of time, or drive your classic infrequently, an indoor car cover is a wise investment. We try out Covercraft's custom-fit, fleeced satin indoor car cover with great results. Read More


Installing Roush Active Exhaust Control On Our ’15 Mustang EcoBoost

Mustang owners debate constantly over how a car should sound and how loud it should be. What if you could control your exhaust from the driver's seat or Smartphone? With Roush's active exhaust control, you can.Read More


Indoor Storage For Project 5-Liter Eater With Covercraft

During the winter season, many of us store our vehicles to protect them from the elements. We discuss many options for storage with Covercraft, and why it's important to choose the correct material along the way.Read More

GT500 on BaT 008

Bring A Trailer Find: Spotless, All-Original Shelby GT500 Driver

Once again, we tortured ourselves with some more window shopping– this time browsing through the listings on Bring A Trailer. Naturally, we were presented with a plethora of "wants", but this GT500 stood out...Read More

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Heidts Introduces 1964-70 Mustang Independent Front Suspensions

Heidts new Independent Front Suspension kits for the 1964-70 Ford Mustang will add great handling and performance to your classic Mustang at a reasonable price. Check them out here!Read More

Gary Parker 2

NMRA Racer Gary Parker Back in Modular Muscle for 2016

After a brief stint in heads-up drag racing within the NMRA's Factory Stock class, Gary Parker is back in Modular Muscle. Here he goes over the differences between heads-up and index-style drag racing. Read More


SEMA Law And Order Update: March-ing To A Happy Beat

A lot has happened since our last SEMA Law & Order update; some good and some bad. This month, we bring you all the important updates from the SEMA Action Network right to your desktop! Read More


Someone Needs To Save This 2016 Shelby GT350

It's a sad day for Shelby enthusiasts, as a brand-new 2016 Shelby GT350 has been discovered damaged and sitting in a salvage lot out of Phoenix, Arizona. However, the car is currently up for auction online!Read More


LMR’s Replica TRX Wheels Are An Affordable Fox Resto Alternative

In the early 1980s the TRX wheel was a popular option on new Mustangs. That is, until you priced a replacement set of tires. Now, LMR has a TRX alternative that won't have you paying sueprcar tire prices.Read More


The 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H Has Officially Been Unveiled

A collaboration between Ford Motor Company, Hertz, and Shelby American celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Shelby GT-H with the 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H. Check out the latest Ford Mustang to wear the Shelby name.Read More

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Video: Mustang Erupts Into Flames On The Track At TX2K16

Watch as an unfortunate circumstance results in this TX2K16 Mustang erupting into flames on the track in Houston, doing considerable damage to the front half of the car.Read More

Main Hoop Width

Tech: How To Measure For A Roll Bar Or Rollcage

With the help of Chassis Engineering, we walk through the very foundational process of measuring a vehicle for proper fit of a new rollbar/cage.Read More