Daniel-102Another Mustang Week has come and gone leaving many enthusiasts in a post-Mustang Week funk. What’s better than a week full of Mustangs at the beach? Social media is still being pumped with photos of cars and friends from one of the best weeks ever. Whether enjoying some downtime at the South Carolina beach, browsing the insane amount of blue ovals at the mall, driving laps around Myrtle Beach Speedway, taking in the burnout contest or just cruising the strip, no summer is complete without Mustang Week shenanigans. Some people are already posting countdowns until Mustang Week 2016 on their Facebook feeds and hitting up their buddies about renting that next beach house. Ford enthusiasts from all over the country high-tail it to Myrtle Beach for an epic Ford-filled week at the beach.

There’s also no denying that Mustang Week brings plenty of Ford Motor Company eye candy. That includes this gem of a Fox-body. One super clean, white notch that caught the eye of StangTV came in the form of a totally redone ex-patrol car owned by Daniel Lundy, a car that has been in his family for about 6 years but owned personally by Daniel for the last year and a half. “It’s just a little toy to ride around town with,” says Lundy.

This ex-cop car was looking fresh with a new paint job complete with ghost flames that only seem to present themselves in the sunlight. Sitting pretty inside of the engine bay is a 306 with GT40 heads, a tubular intake and an E cam. “It’s a pretty generic setup,” Lundy tells us. Even his Virginia license plate reads COPXCAR. Besides that, there’s no real indication that this car was used to patrol the roads.

Beefing up the rear are 3.73 gears while stopping power is provided by rear disc brakes. Improved handling and performance come from an Eibach Pro Springs kit complete with sway bars, and he also installed some BBK control arms. A set of chrome SE wheels grace the exterior with 245 tires up front and some beefy 315 tires filling up the rear. When asked how he managed to get those 315s on the rear, Lundy tells us that a sledgehammer will help. Meanwhile, a new k-member is at home waiting for installation. Even the interior looks super clean.