Since its debut just over a year ago, the Mustang EcoBoost has developed a near-cult following of rabid fans who are either on a budget, or are just looking to have a lot of fun with Ford’s boosted four-cylinder pony car. We’ve seen huge power levels produced out of the EcoBoost already, and even respectable numbers from our own in-house EcoBoost project car. This however, is just the tip of the iceberg, a foreshadowing of what is to come from the 2.3-liter mill.

Engine builds are now happening all over the United States with the EcoBoost, and one of the key area where many builders are seeing promising potential is the cylinder heads. Of course any mention of cylinder heads immediately brings to mind upgraded valvetrain components. That’s where Ferrea Racing Components comes in.

Valve Specs

Super Alloy Valves:

  • Head Diameter: 30.0 or 30.5 mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5.46 mm
  • Overall Length: 115.95 mm
  • Tip Length: 1.9mm
  • 25 degree taper flow.

Competition Plus Valves:

  • Head Diameters Available: 29.96, 30.96, 35.08, 36.08 mm.
  • Stem Diameter: 5.47 or 5.48 mm
  • Overall Length: 104.75 or 103.55 mm
  • Tip Length: 3.75 or 4.0 mm
  • 20 degree Super Flow
Ferrea is offering new valves for the EcoBoost to improve both durability and performance. Available in its 6000 standard series for the street performance market or Competition series for the racing market, these valves offer better performance and tolerance than the OEM parts.

Ferrea will also offer two different valve spring packages for the EcoBoost 2.3-liter, either a single spring for street performance builds, or a dual spring for competition use. “The competition valves and springs are intended for applications making 800-900 horsepower, and running 25-25 psi of boost,” says Ferrea’s Zeke Urrutia.

Rounding out Ferrea’s current offerings are new titanium retainers, and new valve locks that will offer better stability than the OEM parts. Urrutia also told us the company is looking into introducing valve guides as seals for the EcoBoost 2.3. “We’re looking into offering complete kits that will include valves, valve springs, retainers, locators, and valve locks,” he says.

The competition series valves are made from Ferrea’s proprietary super alloy, which is good up to 2,400 degrees F. This is a popular alloy for big boost, or nitrous applications according to Urrutia. These valves are micro-polished and have a refined swirl polish on the upside.

The 6000 series valves are similar to an Inconnel material, and are CNC-finished with a swirl polish also on the up side.

Urrita offered this advice for any enthusiast looking to build their EcoBoost engine. “The main thing is when doing any type of valve upgrade, have a proper machine shop to perform the work. We can also suggest a standard or oversize valves. It’s not always best to go bigger, we can advise what is the best based on the customer’s engine plan. We can give them more guidance geared towards to the specific application.”

The single valve springs are good up to 12.7 mm lift, and the competition dual valve springs have not had final lift numbers published yet, although Urrutia said he expects those to be in the 13.5 mm range.