[quote align=”alignright” width=”200″]We want to go further into the Mustang performance market and be able to offer our customers all the products their looking for in one place. -Justin Starkey, VMP Performance[/quote]For years, Mustang enthusiasts have known the name VMP Tuning for its incredible supercharger packages that have been coupled with custom tuning specific to the vehicle. VMP’s Justin Starkey and his team spend countless hours on the dyno, at the track, and even driving on the street to maximize performance and reliability of every part and every tune the company offers.

At the 2015 PRI Show we caught up with Starkey who dropped a bombshell on us and the rest of the Mustang World. VMP is launching VMP Performance, which will offer a more complete line of Mustang parts geared towards all levels of enthusiasts. VMP will continue to offer its same supercharger and tuning packages, as well as custom tuning both in-house and remote. The company is also still dedicated to furthering its supercharger program through its continued commitments to refinement and quality packages.

“We want to go further into the Mustang performance market and be able to offer our customers all the products they’re looking for in one place,” says Starkey. With that in mind VMP has already teamed up with companies such as Cervini’s Auto Designs to offer appearance items, JMS Chip, HP Tuners, Kooks, Cobb Tuning, and more, are now all offered by VMP Performance.

“We’re also going to be venturing further into the turbo market via the Ford EcoBoost world, since these are hot-ticket cars right now, and we have a lot of customer interest in not only tuning, but also intercoolers and other upgrades for the new Mustang EcoBoost,” Starkey says.

VMP will continue to offer its same customer service level and personalized service, while expanding its product offerings and even venturing further into the racing world. Starkey says he’s looking forward to being able to offer customers more complete packages for their Mustangs no matter what engine is under the hood.

With an outstanding reputation for customer service and quality products we’re looking forward to VMP’s further expansion into the Mustang performance market, and what kind of additional performance we will see from its clients and its shop cars.