For more than 25 years, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has designed the world’s most effective active mechanical locking systems to prevent a single degree of fastener loosening rotation. The kits also provide significantly more breakaway torque than any other locking system.

The products consistently deliver reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures. With more than 78 patents and trademarks, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners is installed on over 17 million automotive and industrial applications without a single failure reported.

This year at SEMA 2015, Robert J. Ahern, director of business development, gave us more great news. “Kooks Headers is now including Stage 8 Locking Fasteners on all its high-performance headers kits, including Corvette, Ahern said. We are getting a lot of compliments from people that are buying Kooks headers that love the product.”


_MG_9911 2Stage 8 is thrilled to join efforts with many of the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket fabrication industry, “and we are discovering more uses every day,” stated Ahern. “We have supplied our locking bolts to every industry from locomotives, to eyeglasses, to automobiles, and the list goes on.”

_MG_9909 2So what’s new? “Our new ball and socket kit is new,” Ahern said. “We can lock a collector kit on both sides to prevent it from loosening, and we have a new locking system for the NASCAR steering box. We just sold our 18 millionth header bolt kit this year … we do business with all kinds of industries outside of the automotive industry, but it all comes from the automotive industry.”

On that note, Ahern shared with us the company’s latest accomplishment, the Las Vegas Monorail. “The fellow that is in charge of maintenance for the Las Vegas Monorail has our header bolts in his car. He called us stating he had a U-joint in the monorail that kept on coming lose. We immediately engineered a prototype part and installed it just this morning. They are going to run it for a couple of months and test it with the goal of re-outfitting the entire system,” Ahern stated.

Little did the Stage 8 engineers knew they would come to Las Vegas to save the day by installing a part on the Las Vegas Monorail. There is no doubt about the range of applications they cover, that is for sure.

Visit the website for more information on Stage 8’s products using the contact information below.
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