Weld’s new Miramar wheel is part of the GT-S line.

At the 2015 SEMA Show, Weld Wheels emphasizing its Weld Street/Strip line of wheels with there new designs: Riverside, Miramar, and Speed 10 that are available in 17-, 18-, or 20-inch diameter.

“These wheels are a clean sheet of paper design, built for the street and strip instead of an outgrowth of our racing program,” says Weld’s Chris Bovis.

The GTS line of wheels introduced at the SEMA Show feature a two-piece forged construction. Both the rim shell and the center are forged and the two pieces are united with a 360-degree weld. Bovis says the wheels are available in both standard and custom offsets.

The Speed 10 (left) and the Riverside (right)

“We found the RT-S is a great product line and very flexible and accommodating in terms of widths, offsets, and diameters,” Bovis says. “When we started looking at the larger wheels — like the 18- to 20-inch RT-S — there was an opportunity to offer something specifically for the classic Pro Touring and Late Model markets that was a better match for the vehicle in terms of styling,” Bovis says.