While the Mustang community is currently raving over the all-new GT350, a little over 30 years ago there was another GT350 that many enthusiasts were making a fuss over, albeit not quite as performance oriented as the current car.

1984 represented the twentieth anniversary of the Mustang platform, and at the time quite possibly near the end of the run for the car, as Ford considered replacing it with the upcoming Probe. To celebrate the anniversary Ford built 5,260 special edition Mustangs in Oxford white, with red interior, badging them GT350.

The GT350 could be had with either the 5.0 HO engine, or the 2.3-liter Turbo. The 5.0 with manual trans made 175 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of torque. The turbo-four made identical 175 horsepower but less torque at 210 lb-ft. With high-back GT seats, and the unique GT350 badging, these cars stood out from other Fox bodies.

At the time, Carroll Shelby was playing with turbo charged Dodge products, and had nothing to do with the GT350 project. Shelby sued Ford for not getting permission to use the GT350 name, and won.

This recent find on eBay, item number: 151891682033 could be the rarest of the breed in private hands. With under 100 miles on the odometer, and the seller claiming the car has never been titled, this ’84 GT350 is technically still a new car. Topping that off it’s one of around 200 convertibles built with the four-barrel carbureted 5.0 HO and 5-speed manual transmission. Automatic cars were saddled with the less powerful and often frustratingly unreliable CFI version of the 5.0 that made only 165 horsepower.

The seller does note that this car has some small stone chips in the paint and a few small door dings. Still for 99 miles on the odometer, this example is one of the lowest mile Fox Mustangs in existence and the special edition nature makes it that much more attractive to collectors. At a current bid of $16,200 this Fox is priced about right in our opinion, while not as desirable as something like a 1993 Cobra, it still represents the early days of the Fox platform well, and any collector would be hard-pressed to find a lower-mileage example that had never been titled.