Chip Foose is arguably one of the best known names in the automotive aftermarket. About a year ago, Foose brought his styling expertise to’s Modern Muscle Design (MMD) to update the styling on the new S550 Mustang. Last summer we brought you the culmination of that work, the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang, which was given away at the AmericanMuscle car show.

AmericanMuscle has been retailing many of these MMD by Foose parts for some time, adding more as they become available. The latest piece, and one that will perhaps be the centerpiece of any modified late model Mustang is the MMD by Foose hood scoop.

Ford did a nice job adding lines and details to the hood of the S550 Mustang. However, the center leaves something to be desired, often leaving it looking plain. The MMD By Foose scoop takes car of that. The scoop’s styling is just retro enough to evoke images of a 60s musclecar, with modern styling that matches the new Mustang’s lines perfectly.

Constructed from ABS plastic, and available painted to match your factory color, or unpainted, this scoop is ready to install in just a few minutes. There are a few holes to drill for the studs on this scoop, it also utilizes 3M double sided body panel bonding tape. This is OEM quality adhesive, that when used properly will ensure the scoop stays in place for the life of your Mustang.

AmericanMuscle includes drilling templates and all the hardware to complete the installation. Owners planning to install this scoop should allow about an hour for the job, and the biggest tip from AmericanMuscle’s Influencers in the field with this part already on is to take your time.

The MMD by Foose hood scoop is available now from AmericanMuscle and whether you’re looking to update the styling of your Mustang with this one part, or add some more styling pieces, you’ll find them at