All images courtesy AmericanMuscle

Restyling options have been popular on Mustangs since the first-gen cars debuted over 50 years ago. Whether its wild or mild, Mustang owners often like to personalize their cars, or tweak the appearance to be different from how the car rolled off the assembly line. has been offering styling upgrades for Mustangs for quite some time. The latest upgrades for the S550 Mustang are sure to set yours apart on the street, and at the next show you decide to display at.

Spoilers are always a popular modification on Mustangs. Whether its for function or form, Mustang owners have been modifying or swapping these things out for decades. The MMD V Series spoiler adds a much more aggressive appearance over the OEM part. The spoiler features a center notch to allow for maximum rear visibility and is constructed from durable ABS plastic. It will add a track inspired look to the rear of any S550 Mustang. This part uses the OEM mounting locations. That means that there’s no drilling required to install this part. The other cool thing is that AmericanMuscle will paint this to match the OEM paint on your Mustang. These two features ensure a perfect, well-matched fit.

Love them or hate them, rear window louvers are making a comeback in a big way and have gained a huge amount of popularity with S550 Mustang owners. The MMD V Series louvers feature a unique design that features a dip in the center matching how the third brake light of the S550 looks in the rear window. This styling cue, while subtle makes these louvers look like they were a factory option on any S550.

Another styling option that is about to debut in the MMD V Series product line is the new MMD V Series grille. This three-bar grille design features a matching single bar lower grille and features no logos for a slick appearance that reminds us somewhat of the ’13-’14 GT500 grille. The design should also increase airflow, a nice benefit for anyone cranking up the horsepower or headed around the track. These grilles are not shipping until April 2016, but can be pre-ordered now at

If you’re planning to restyle your Mustang for this car show season, be sure to check out these MMD V series products and others from AmericanMuscle