Crash 1Fan-favorite Mike Murillo walked away from his multi-time championship winning Mustang, lovingly named LaFawnduh, after getting out of shape and rolling onto, then over, the barrier at the Edinburg Dragway in Texas on Thursday night. Murillo was making a single pass at the Border Wars No-Prep shootout when his SCT-sponsored Fox body coupe lost traction shortly after making a hard launch in the left lane. Murillo lifted quickly, but the car made a move to the left, then shot across both lanes, striking the right retaining wall. It then rolled up onto the wall and over it, coming to rest in the grass just outside the wall.

Crash 2Murillo promptly posted photos of the aftermath to social media to let his fans know he was okay, pointing out that the chassis and safety gear had done it’s job well. “Haven’t felt like this since my football days,” quipped Murillo, noting his bell had been rung but he was otherwise fine. While the car, one of the most iconic and storied machines in small-tire racing history, doesn’t appear to be too heavily damaged, Murillo has already posted on his Mike Murillo Motorsports Facebook page in search of a new rolling chassis.

LaFawnduh has carried Murillo to a number of championships in various classes and sanctions, garnering a massive fan following in the process. Word of the crash spread like wildfire when the photos first hit Facebook, with an overwhelming outpouring of support and well-wishers offering their words of kindness. With the call already out for a replacement chassis, there’s no doubt that Murillo will be back on the track sooner than later. But like Murillo himself, we’ll certainly be sad to see LaFawnduh go, if she can’t be repaired.