Images: Courtesy AmericanMuscle

We all want something unique for our Mustang in the styling department. And let’s face it, the stock grille on the S550 Mustang is less than exciting. It carries with it the corporate image of the Mustang and a lot of other Ford vehicles. The running horse is displayed prominently, and that’s kind of cool, but the large honeycomb mesh that adorns almost every Ford product, including trucks is also there.

Some have figured out how to install the OEM pony badge on the RTR grille.

One of the better looking grilles we’ve seen for the S550 is the one shown on the RTR Mustang a couple of years ago. This grille design keeps just enough of the OEM elements, like the three section styling, to make you non-enthusiasts believe its a factory option. It also comes ready to accept the RTR grille lights, which will be available soon. is the only place you can get the RTR upper and lower grille combo.

The RTR upper and lower grilles are constructed of TPO material, and they are a direct replacement for the OEM parts. If you’re installing these, you will have to remove the front fascia, but anyone with a couple of hand tools and a little bit of patience can tackle that. Most owners that have already installed the parts report a one to two hour install time depending on your experience wrenching on the S550 Mustang.

We like the clean look the RTR grille gives the S550 Mustang’s front end. It’ just the right combination of unique styling that hints at the OEM parts. This part is available now from AmericanMuscle.