Ever since we first saw the GT350R at the North American International Auto Show in January of 2015, we’ve lusted after the car. And while a new R isn’t exactly in the budget right now, nor is it family friendly for our daily driver needs, there are a few cool little touches from it that can be transferred to our own Mustang, and yours, to at least give your car more of an R feel.

One of those touches is the all red Engine Start/Stop button. This button just looks cooler than the silver face with red-outline of the OEM button on all other Mustang models. CJ Pony Parts recently put together a video on just how to install this button.

Ford Performance recently started offering this button, pn M-10B776-MR, and the included instruction manual is a whopping 33 pages long. The manual contains detailed instructions on how to completely disassemble the console and part of the dash to gain access to the start/stop switch, and replace the button.

The button is held in place by two tabs.

Mustang guys are an intrepid bunch, and CJ’s Bill Tumas quickly figured out a shortcut for installing the button. Bill figured out how to do this install in under five minutes. Really in under 60 seconds depending on just how good you are at dealing with small parts.

The gist of things is that once you’ve disconnected the battery to prevent the car from starting, you can use a small pick to gently, and carefully pry off the OEM start/stop button. The replacement GT350R piece then just snaps into place. That’s really all there is to it, and Bill and the CJ’s crew did a great job with this video demonstrating the install.

So, whether you want to change the interior or exterior of your Mustang up a little or a lot with mods like this, or you’re looking for some real performance upgrades, check out the cool stuff over at CJ Pony Parts.