Images Source: Copart

Images Source: Copart

It seems like only yesterday we received word that the first Shelby GT350 was rolling off the production line at the Flat Rock assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. But alas, that was back in August of last year; and many of these limited production models have been out-and-about on the road for almost six months now.

18716806_02XGRUnfortunately, there will be one less GT350 on the road these days. A sad day for Shelby enthusiasts indeed, a 2016 GT350 was recently discovered sitting in a salvage lot out of Phoenix, Arizona with front-end damage. We’re not entirely sure how the damage was done to this particular GT350, so we can’t say if the driver was at-fault or not in this case. Nevertheless, as the saying goes; hindsight is 20/20, and it looks as if this GT350 might be salvageable, pending a further inspection of course. This begs the question; what would you do with it? Thankfully, you have a few options. You could completely restore the damage done to the car and get away with owning a Shelby GT350 for under $35,000 (the current bid is at $30,750).

With only 247 actual miles on the odometer and no apparent damage to the 5.2-liter Voodoo V8, this Shelby GT350 could be brand-new again with a little TLC from its new owner.

Another option is to purchase this GT350 and relieve it of the 5.2-liter Voodoo engine and Tremec 6-speed manual transmission for a separate project and sell off the rest of the car as a parts car or rolling chassis. These are just our ideas, but one thing’s for sure, there’s a ton of stuff you could do with that car no matter what direction you go.

What say you, Shelby enthusiast? What direction would you go if you bought this car? Check out the original auction listing here for more information.