The Radial Fest, held twice annually at the iconic Huntsville Dragway in Alabama, has quickly become one of the staples in radial tire drag racing, thanks in large part to the record-setting track and weather conditions the events afford each spring and fall. The Radial Fest produced the first ever 3-second pass by a radial tire car back in the fall of 2014 when Brad Edwards went 3.99 in his twin-turbo Mustang, and the big numbers haven’t stopped falling there since.

RF15Spring-569With spring upon us, the Radial Fest is gearing up for another edition, to be held on the weekend of April 29-30, and for the first time, the entire event will be broadcast to a worldwide audience right here on Dragzine via the SpeedVideo livestreaming channel. The event will once again feature the kingpins of radial tire racing, the Pro 315 (Radial vs The World) class, along with X275, Outlaw 275, King of the Street, and Mean Street, as well as 6.00 and 7.00 Index.

Below is the press release from SpeedVideo regarding the upcoming live feed coverage.

Radial Fest has become one of the hottest events on the drag radial tour thanks to it’s outstanding track conditions and beautiful weather, both spring and fall. Records have fallen each and every year at Huntsville, including the first three-second run ever by a radial tire, and this year, SpeedVideo.com and Dragzine.com are proud to announce a multi-year partnership with Radial Fest to live stream broadcast it’s events.


“We knew that we needed to live broadcast Radial Fest, because fans all over the world have been asking us to bring the show into their living rooms,” explained Radial Fest’s marketing director Zach Jones. “We feel like Speedvideo was the right partner for us because of their commitment to help us promote the event. Our sponsors want the exposure, and we know they will produce an outstanding broadcast. There are some exciting announcements upcoming that will really change the game.”

[quote align=”alignright” width=”200″]We knew that we needed to live broadcast Radial Fest, because fans all over the world have been asking us to bring the show into their living rooms. – Zach Jones[/quote]“Radial Fest is an event that is extremely popular among the fastest radial racers in the country,” said Dragzine’s Andrew Wolf. “Because this event hasn’t gotten the national exposure via a live broadcast, it will be very exciting to partner with the Radial Fest team and see where this event can go over the next several years.”

“At every Radial Fest event there has been a three-second pass and some sort of world record set, whether it’s in Radial vs The World, X275, or Outlaw 275,” said Jones. “This year, we will continue to build on our past success by working to increase purses and improve the overall experience for both racers and fans.”

Make plans to be in Huntsville to experience it all firsthand, or tune in April 29-30, 2016, when Speedvideo.com will be presenting the live broadcast.