holleyefi0One of the more popular modifications the past few years has been to convert to an EFI system. Many companies, like Holley, have made the transition from carburetor to EFI a simple weekend project, with claims of not needing a laptop to tune your EFI – because the system is self-learning.

That means that all you have to do is add the throttle body, connect a few wires and plug a harness into some sensors, and with a wide band O2 sensor installed in the exhaust you’re on your way to better starts, smoother idles, and better fuel economy.


The Holley family of EFI conversion systems: from mild street to wild race, you can find what you need in either box form with the Terminator, or a la cart with the Dominator.


The Terminator from Holley, is a simple kit to install on any 4150 flange intake manifold, and it won’t require you to do any fine tuning with a laptop because after answering a few questions about your engine, the system’s ECU takes over and learns about your engine as you drive, and makes adjustments accordingly. It’s a great base system for those who simply want an easy conversion without all the technical knowledge.

holleyefi6But, as nearly anything goes when dealing with building a musclecar, you might want to make some improvements and upgrades to your EFI system. Holley knows that we’re never done tinkering with our cars, so although the Terminator doesn’t require a laptop, you can still plug a laptop into the computer and do some of your own fine tuning when you’re ready to take things to the next level.

And speaking of next level, for those who are looking for a step up in EFI conversions, the Holley HP is a full, throttle body and sequential EFI system that gives your more tunability. By plugging into that aforementioned laptop, you can set up more parameters and dial in the EFI system to perform at a higher level, allowing you to make adjustments throughout the powerband with regards to air/fuel ratio and timing.

The HP also works with an external data logger and traction control, and with the upgrade to the Dominator you can plug into the HP harness because they utilize the same plugs and connection style. With the Dominator, you can add a second wide band O2 sensor, as well as additional input and output channels, drive by wire throttle support, electronic transmission control, and expanded fuel injector options.

Holley has additional EFI systems for today’s popular engines, including the LS, Coyote, and Mopar’s modern Hemi. Whether you’re running a 300 horsepower street small block or a full race 2,400 horsepower drag car, you can be sure that Holley is going to meet all of your needs and provide you with options to take your car to the next level. Check out all of Holley’s EFI offerings on the Holley website, and be sure to give them a call should you have questions about which system works best with your application.