Since its release in 2011 the Coyote 5.0 has become a legend among Mustang and Ford performance loyalists. Not since the pushrod 5.0 of the 1980s Fox body Mustang era has an engine generated this much buzz and rewarded the Ford faithful with outstanding performance in both stock and modified forms.

While we’re accustomed to finding the Coyote between the front fenders of a Mustang GT, it also makes its appearance in Ford’s F-150 pickup line. However, unless we’re discussing the long defunct Lightning pickups of over a decade ago most of don’t associate high performance and F-150 in the same realm (ok we’ll make an exception for Raptors). Regardless, there’s plenty of potential lurking within the F-150’s 5.0, especially for those willing to put the time and money into their own truck.

JPC Racing recently released photos and video of one customer’s efforts behind the wheel of his 2014 F-150. Glen Purvis owns this truck and it’s not your typical bolt-on F-150. While the truck remains a full-weight (5,150 pounds), and street drivable truck, it boasts a Rich Groh Racing built 5.0. The engine is filled with only the best parts including Oliver I-beam rods, and Diamond pistons. The block received Darton sleeves, and the heads are of course custom ported by the master himself, Rich Groh.

Feeding the hungry Coyote is a pair of Precision 64/66 turbos, cramming boost through a custom JPC turbo kit. It’s all tuned with HP Tuners software at JPC’s headquarters. This rather unassuming, almost base-model appearing F-150 spins the JPC rollers to the tune of 1,165 horsepower. That’s not a typo, that’s four-digit horsepower, from a regular cab, pickup truck.

Despite its 5,150 pound weight, the truck manages to get moving down the drag strip, pretty good. At MIR the truck pulled a respectable 1.54 60 foot time, but once it got going it left everyone stunned with it tripped the top end timers in the mid 9-second zone. Best ET to date has been a 9.659 at 145.38 mph.

JPC says there’s more left in this combination and that the boost is going to be turned up, we can’t wait to see it. There are several videos on the JPC Facebook page of the truck making dyno runs and heading down the drag strip. Watching this truck, and seeing how unassuming its appearance is makes us want to build a F-150 to terrorize super cars with while on our way to the hardware store to pick up lumber for our next home project. It’s the best of both worlds.